Wi-Fi Extender: Can You Use 2 Wifi Extenders at the Same Time

Wi-Fi Extender: Can You Use 2 Wi-Fi Extenders at the Same Time

If you own a large home or small business and want to cover more areas with Wifi signal, then Wi-Fi extenders are the best option for you. These little devices attach to an existing router and boost its signal range by connecting to it through an Ethernet cable. This way, signals from the router can travel farther throughout your home or office than before.

So, how many extenders can you have attached at the same time? And what are the disadvantages of having multiple extenders? Read on to know more.

If you are using a wifi mesh system for your small business, you should consider adding a wifi extender. This will help to extend the range of your wifi network and make it more reliable. Adding a wifi extender can also help to improve your overall speed and performance when using your wifi network.

Types of Wi-Fi Extenders

There are several types of Wi-Fi extenders, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Access Point Extender (AP) – AP extenders are easy to set up and offer better signal coverage than wireless bridges. However, for large homes, AP extenders might not be a suitable option as the extra routers consume more power and may cause issues with other wireless devices in your home or office.
  • Wireless Repeater – Wireless repeaters are also called “Wireless Access Points” or “WAPs.” These devices work just like an AP, but they have a built-in wireless radio so they can broadcast a wireless signal to extend the range of an existing router. Wireless repeaters are usually cheaper than AP extenders and they don’t consume as much power as AP extenders.
  • Wireless Bridge – Wireless bridges function similarly to AP extenders, but they don’t contain a wireless radio. So, they function just like a router, but they don’t broadcast a wireless signal like an AP extender. Wireless bridges are designed to work with a single wireless device and are often used in combination with AP extenders to boost wireless signal coverage in large homes.

Advantages of using a Wi-Fi Extender

  • Long-Range Coverage – Wireless extenders are the best way to extend the range of your existing router. With a Wi-Fi extender, you can boost the signal from your router throughout the house or office and cover areas with poor Wi-Fi signals.
  • Easy Setup – Wi-Fi extenders have a relatively simple setup process. You can simply connect the extender to your existing router and you are good to go. No more messy wires and less hassle.
  • No Need for New wiring – New wiring is certainly an expensive and time-consuming task. It can also cause damage to your walls and other things in your house if you are not careful.
  • Slower Internet Speeds – If you are using an old router, then there is a good chance that your internet speed is very low. This is because the router is located far away from the devices that are online and it has to travel a longer distance to reach them.

So, upgrading your router to a better one is a great way to boost your internet speed. However, keep in mind that using multiple wireless devices in one area can result in slower internet speeds for everyone.

How Many Wi-Fi Extenders Can be Attached?

There is no set rule for how many Wi-Fi extenders you can have connected at the same time. It depends on the type of extender you are using and your home/office layout.

AP extenders are easy to set up and you can place them at multiple locations across your home/office. However, since these devices don’t function like wireless routers, you will have to plug them into an outlet when they are not in use. They also consume more power than wireless bridges and wireless repeaters.

Wireless bridges can also be placed at multiple locations, but again, you will have to plug them into an outlet when they are not in use. And, they don’t offer the same range as wireless repeaters.


Wi-Fi extenders are a perfect solution when you want to boost signal range in areas with poor wireless signals. These devices can be used in combination with different types of Wi-Fi routers and they are extremely easy to set up.

Wi-Fi extenders are a reliable solution for extending Wi-Fi signal coverage in homes, offices, and hotels. They work by connecting an existing router through an Ethernet cable to a nearby computer or modem. When you use a Wi-Fi extender, you are essential to “re-routing” the signal from the router.

These devices can be helpful in situations where you need to cover a large area with a Wi-Fi signal, such as in a hotel, office building, or school. However, they can also slow down your internet connection if you are using several devices in one area, so make sure to do your research first!

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